Hearken Dawn

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Original Publication: TBA 2018
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Genre: Sci-Fi, Queer

Aboard the generational starship, the Algea, life is regimented, safe, and predictable for the tens of thousands of hopeful colonists whose ancestors left Earth for the chance at a brighter future.

Dr. Lynx Jiāng is a young genetic engineer whose entire career has been focused on studying the Elite, humans who have been modified to withstand the harsh conditions on their new homeworld. The century-long experiment has been deemed a success… until an unexplained aggression in the Elite population surfaces. The sudden change in the behavior of their once-docile test subjects puts the scientific community on edge, and Lynx finds himself scrambling to find the cause before the violent episodes spread.

A slip up in the lab leads to a chance meeting with the commander’s son, Lieutenant Kairo Nazari, a striker pilot preparing to join the fleet on its initial planetary surveillance mission. Arrogant, privileged, and persistent, Kairo seems to be everything Lynx has learned to avoid. However, Lynx soon discovers that he and Kairo have more in common than their divided society dictates they should.

But as the Algea nears her destination, the colonial ship and her fleet are plagued with strange malfunctions and civil unrest. Lynx and Kairo begin to understand that life on the Algea is not all that it seems.

They must learn to trust one another and work together as secrets and conspiracies threaten to rip them, and their world, apart.