From Divine Magazine

“This novel is… a well-executed and satisfying work. There’s a lot to love here, and fans looking for a thought-provoking look at a futuristic society should be pleased.”


“If you enjoy m/m dystopian romance, you have to read this book!”


“…Whether you like well-crafted dystopian universes or m/m in unusual settings and with great, convincing character-building and heart-wrenching relationships, or even better both, you should read this book.”


“This was a brilliant story that just sucked me in, with great, likeable-despite-their-flaws, characters and such a bittersweet tangled mix of emotions and relationships between them all.”


“It was refreshing that the main focus was on the sci-fi, with the gay aspect and any romance as a subplot. In this way I thought it was more true to life – where a light m/m romance may be overwhelmingly about the romance, here there was balance with everything else that happens in life.”

From It’s About the Book

“If I had to briefly sum up what to expect when you pick up Lacuna is a sort of dark sci-fi dystopian type of story with a heartbreaking romance…”

“At one point of this book I cried heartbreaking sobs for pages and pages. Days later just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. The kind of heartache that’s memorable because of the way the I’ve become attached to these characters.”

From Love Bytes Reviews

“Oh man, where has this book been all my life? This was a really well done, multi faceted dystopian fiction that has so much going for it I’m not even sure where to properly begin.”