La Vie en Bleu: October 15th, 2017!

The release date for La Vie en Bleu has been set!
The fifth book in the Lacuna Chronicles series will be released on October 15th, 2017!

Stay on the lookout for previews and giveaways before the release date, and add La Vie en Bleu to your TBR pile!

La Vie en Bleu (Lacuna Chronicles #5)


Another Best of 2016!

Thank you to Whit at It’s About the Book for including Sky Children in your best of 2016 list!

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book after the first book Lacuna. There was so much despair and pain in the first book I thought surely this one offered a little bit of hope. The second installment opened up a whole other world. Or many of them! This isn’t the end for Blue, Mikas and Caden. It’s more of a new beginning with limitless possibilities. New complex characters and mind blowing revelations. The journey continues thank goodness.

Read the full list here!