Sky Children Reviews

From Goodreads:

“Sky Children is full of puzzle pieces slowly falling into place. It is a beautifully-crafted queer sci-fi, with slightly more emphasis on romance than book one, Lacuna. I loved it, and I can’t wait for the final book in the series.”

From Love Bytes Reviews:

“Each chapter and each character part was just so intricately put together that I was just enthralled with the story as it unfolded.  And the ending?  *groans*  I was left shocked and desperately wishing I had the third book in my hands so that I could find out what happens next!  This series is just surpassing all of  my expectations and I HIGHLY recommend it, especially if you like science fiction.”

From It’s About the Book

“It’s so tricky to review a book with this many twists and turns without giving away too many details. Again the pace of this book is slow but the way it’s written every moment carries a feeling of anticipation. It’s all built up on layers of information. Like a puzzle you need to figure out. Each piece gets you closer to the final picture.